YOUTHINK Solar Wall Lights Review

YOUTHINK Solar Wall Lights Review
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The home is often considered as a safe haven for many people. It is a place where they can relax and feel safe behind locked doors, but the sad truth is that even the home isn’t exempt from intruders, especially when the sun goes down. At nighttime, there are many prowlers on the street looking for a house as their next target. It is a scary thought for many people as by nightfall everyone is vulnerable in their sleep.

Home security is a must, no matter where you live. The suburbs or the city all have people who might want to invade your personal space. To keep them off your property and to scare them away before they have the chance to reach the door or the window motion sensor lights like the YOUTHINK Solar Wall Lights are the perfect first line of defense.

Prowlers generally target dark areas where witnesses are far in between. To give your home extra protection and you peace of mind at night, here is what you can expect when you install these lights on your property:

Features of the YOUTHINK Solar Wall Lights

  • New design includes waterproof material
  • Translucent material covers light without dampening brightness
  • Withstands severe weather conditions
  • Perfect for gardens, decks, driveways, and fences
  • Installs in seconds using only the provided screws
  • Ultra-bright 48 LED lights
  • Wide angle covers large areas
  • Uses solar power
  • Includes rechargeable batteries
  • Includes remote control
  • Built to last and light longer
  • Includes 3 intelligent modes:
    • Bright when triggered and dim when not triggered
    • Bright when triggered and off when not triggered
    • Stays on a weak light
  • Highly sensitive sensors
  • Activates with small movements
  • Detects movement from 16 – 26 feet


The YOUTHINK Solar Wall Lights is a great addition to home security. First of all, it is very easy to install. After receiving the package the lights can be directly installed on any surface where they are most needed. Placing it at a good height advantage of about 5 to 6 feet from the ground provides the best and widest light coverage.

Another big advantage of this motion activated light is that it can be installed just about anywhere outdoors. It has amazing weatherproofing that it does not easily get damaged even during harsh rain and other extreme weather conditions. Homes are protected through the night, even when there’s a storm brewing outside.

The three different smart light settings are also a big plus for this motion sensor light because homeowners can choose the one they like the most. The on when triggered mode surprises would-be intruders and scares them away effectively. The light the device offers is very bright and daunting, alerting neighbors and homeowners immediately when there is motion outside their homes.

The batteries that come with the device are also excellent. They are capable of keeping the detector powered through the night on low settings and it recharges itself through solar power. No more worrying about batteries dying out in the middle of the night. The remote control makes it easy to change the mode of the detector.

No need to climb up a ladder just to change the mode of your motion activated lights – just a simple click and the settings are changed. It’s that convenient!

Finally, the expanse and sensitivity of the motion detectors are amazing. Anything moving from as far away as 26 feet is detected and the lights are switched on. Any attackers or intruders are scared away long before they can even come close to your doors. It keeps homes safe and people at peace through the night.


One major disadvantage of this motion activated light is its solar power recharging. Although it is a benefit that you don’t have to change the batteries, this means you need to rely on sunlight to give it enough power through the night. When the skies turn dark and the sun is hidden behind clouds this doesn’t fully charge the sensor and may stop working when you need it the most.

The batteries are irreplaceable as well, so this means when it breaks you need to replace the entire device instead of just the batteries. Keep these in mind if you live in cloudy areas where sunlight is sparse.


Ward away invaders by installing at least one YOUTHINK Solar Wall Light at home. They are bright, easy to install and affordable. A worth it investment for safety and security.

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