What is Motion Sensor Light

What is Motion Sensor Light
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A home that is unprotected is the perfect mark for home invaders. Indoor some security systems like an alarm or even a guard dog are great deterrents, but that would mean that a thief or a stranger has already accessed the inside of your home. Instead of waiting for them to enter your home to alert you of their presence, why not take measures to ensure they never step foot inside your house at all?

Technology has made it possible to ward off potential criminals from entering a home through motion sensor light. What is motion sensor light and how is it different from an alarm? That is a great question. The biggest difference between motion activated lights and alarms is that lights are installed outside of the house while alarms are installed inside. Without the cover and safety of darkness, criminals tend to slink away and they never come close to your door.

For those who are interested in learning more about motion detecting light as a security measure, here are some important details you might want to know:

What is Motion Sensor Light and How Do They Work?

  • The Components – Motion detecting lights usually have a lens that can detect changes in heat or movement. As soon as the lens detects any activity, the lights are switched on and the area is flooded with light to give homeowners a better view of what or who is on their property. Lights can stay on for up to 20 minutes, making it safer for the residents as attackers run away as soon as they see light.
  • The Best Position – The choice of where to install the motion detecting lights is of course up to the owner, but as a guideline, the lights should be installed around 6 – 10 feet off the ground. This vantage point allows the light to cover the main entry points and the typical blind spots around your house. Typical motion activated lights have around 120 – 180 angle ranges and can cover anywhere from 30 – 70 feet. The better the position of the light, the more coverage it has.

What To Consider When Choosing A Security Light

  • What is motion sensor light good for when you choose the wrong one? A motion detecting light that isn’t fit for your needs can be useless. Here are some important factors to consider when shopping around for security lights:
  • Always read the operating manuals. Not all lights are built the same nor do they all have the same coverage. Some lights need to be installed at a specific angle for it to provide the best coverage. Try to look for security lights that allow angles and positions to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Ultrasensitive lights aren’t necessarily the best. There are some lights that get triggered by small things, which cause a lot of false alarms. This can be a nuisance for homeowners and the neighbors as the lights will keep flashing, even when a leaf is detected. Too many false alarms can leave residents annoyed with the light and be off guard when an actual perpetrator is detected. Find lights that have adjustable sensitivity levels so you can adjust them to the perfect detecting level and avoid frequent false alarms.
  • Weatherproof lights are always the preferred option. There are people who live in areas where the climate and weather are very unpredictable. These external factors can damage motion detecting lights if they are not weatherproofed. Snow, rain, and excessive heat can all render the security light useless, so investing in a weatherproof or at the very least waterproof light is best.
  • Always check lights before turning in for the night. A common mistake of homeowners who have security lights installed is being complacent with the device. Sadly, there are some instances where the lights malfunction or can no longer do their job. Whether it’s because of battery issues, wiring issues, or damage, these lights can fail at any moment. Be sure to check the lights if they still function properly before going to bed to ensure you stay safe while you and your family sleep.


Motion security lights are great for warding off strangers and prowlers who mean to do you and your family harm. Although indoor alarms work well in alerting you when a stranger is inside your home, the right flood lights can keep them from ever coming near your doors in the first place.

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