Types of Motion Sensor Lights

Types of Motion Sensor Lights
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Motion sensor lights make a great addition to any home security system. They are commonly installed outside of the house; the flashing of the light in the dead of night is more than enough to keep the bad guys away from your door. One of the biggest challenges homeowners have to face when they want to install flood lights for added protection is choosing from the different types of motion sensor lights.

Different Types of Motion Sensor Lights

To make the choice a little bit easier, here are some of the most common kinds of motion activated security lights along with the advantages and disadvantages they offer:

Solar Powered Motion Detecting Lights

Solar powered security lights harness the power of the sun to function. These lights usually come with a solar panel and require sun charging to work. The main benefit is that they are very easy to install and there are no wires involved, plus no extra waste from frequent battery changes. Its main disadvantage is that in areas where sunlight is scarce, the devices cannot properly function through the night.

Battery Powered Motion Activated Lights

Another wireless and easy to install security light are those that use batteries as their power source. These lights are very popular as they are easy to use and can be installed within minutes after opening the package. Also, these lights will function even during cloudy weather, so there is no need to fear the lack of security during rainy and cloudy months.

The disadvantage? Batteries need frequent changing and the lights aren’t as bright when the batteries start to run out of juice. Of course, batteries aren’t the most eco-friendly option there is.

Electric (Wire) Powered Motion Detecting Lights

Security lights that require wires are probably the most difficult to install, but they are very reliable. As long as you have electricity they will provide light and security. The wiring may require the help of expert installation, but that is a small price to pay for a secured home. This kind of motion activated light does consume electricity so it adds to the costs of energy bills. However, LED lights are known for their efficiency in both energy-saving and providing brighter lights.

With this type of security light, homeowners don’t have to worry about the lack of sunlight or frequent battery changes. Just plug them in and they will light up your home when it detects any kind of motion.

The Broad Category

Aside from differentiating the kinds of motion sensor lights based on their power source, there is another, more simple way to classify motion activated lights. These are the two common classifications:

Type 1: Active-Motion Sensor

Active-motion sensors are devices that send out energy signals to detect any changes within the area. These signals can be a mix of microwaves, ultra high-frequency sound waves, and infrared light. The more high tech lights combine these different sensors to prevent accidental triggers. The signals produced by this type of senor bounce off different objects like walls and it is returned to the sensor.

When there is a foreign object that comes between the sensor and the wall, the signal is sent back to the device much faster. The sensor is able to detect the disruption and it “sounds” the alarm. Or in this case, it turns on the lights automatically.

Type 2: Passive-Motion Sensor

Passive-motion sensors do not actively send out signals, hence the term “passive”. These sensors work by only receiving signals around the area. They scan for signs of heat and when it detects any sign of heat it triggers the lights. This type of sensor can be adjusted to detect the body heat of humans so that false alarms are frequent. When left to detect any kind of heat, the sensor will trigger when an animal passes by, a false alarm that can get annoying.


There are several types of motion sensor lights to choose from, the best ones are those you are comfortable using. If you prefer to go eco-friendly, solar power is the way to go. For others who want to feel safe and secure even when the skies are gloomy, battery and wired lights are great options. Whatever you choose, the lights will give your home the extra protection it needs to keep prowlers and strangers at bay.

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