Mr. Beams MB364 Wireless LED Spotlight Review

Mr. Beams MB364 Wireless LED Spotlight Review
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You want a nice a bright light that is automatic, motion-sensing, and super easy to install? You might want to try this LED spotlight by Mr. Beams MB364 Wireless LED Spotlight.

Features of the Mr. Beams MB364 Wireless LED Spotlight:

  • Extremely bright LED
  • Automatic motion sensor
  • Weather-proof and durable design
  • Simple wireless installation, battery operated
  • 350 square feet of coverage
  • Light sensor prevents daylight activation


Usually, battery operated lights have a low lumen output and only a dim brightness that could still make you trip and fall in the darkness. The Mr. Beams MB364 Wireless LED Spotlight makes sure that you need not deal with that problem. Despite being battery operated, it gives off an extremely bright light that is equivalent to a hundred and forty lumens through its four individual units.

No more stumbling along your walk with this motion sensor spotlight; every rock and every curve in your path is clear and visible as in the day. The bright clarity also means that intruders and criminals will most likely steer clear of your property because of fear of being spotted and therefore apprehended easily. Get the most out of your security light with the sheer brightness from this LED spotlight.

The automatic motion sensor on this unit allows it to automatically switch on upon detection of motion and then switch off moments after no motion is detected. This way, you get the right light at the right time that you need your view clear and illuminated. You no longer need to fumble and feel for the light switch in a dark hallway or dark closet.

You also need no longer stumble your way across your lawn or porch in the middle of the night because your path is automatically lit as if you had an automatic lamp along your path. Not only is it a security feature for your home, it also greatly improves your safety and convenience.

You can safely place your Mr. Beams MB364 Wireless LED Spotlight unit outside your home because it is indeed waterproof and weather-proof. Whether you have a hurricane rolling in or are in the middle of a nor’easter, you can be assured that no amount of wind, snow, heat, humidity, or rain will tarnish your unit it will stay as intact as the day you first installed it.

It is so durable that you can be assured that it will truly stand the test of time. You and your family can enjoy the convenience and safety that it brings your come for many years to come. Since it is weatherproof, you are assured that it stays rust free and properly operational.

The battery operated unit is wireless and therefore hassle and fuss-free. Installation takes only a matter of minutes and requires no professional help at all. Being wireless and battery operated, you can easily install it in otherwise very difficult and costly places to install such as inside cabinets, closets, basements, and other hard to reach areas.

You will not even break a sweat in installing the wireless unit as there are no tangled wires or electrical hazards. This way, you can also be assured that even if you install it into your home, it will not affect your existing electrical items or appliances and will not even touch your electric bill so you do not have to worry about mounting consumption.

With just one unit, you can cover a vast 350 square feet of area, so you will do not need more than one or two units to install, especially if you have a sizeable lot area to cover or a big room to light up. The motion activation can sense motion up to thirty feet away, so even if you are considerably far away from the unit, you can still expect some lighting to come your way.

The unit comes with a photocell, a light sensor that disables the unit during the daytime so that no bulb hours or battery life is wasted during brighter times of the day. With an average of eight to ten activations throughout each day, you can expect the battery to last you up to a year – definitely a light saver.


Mr. Beams MB364 Wireless LED Spotlightis made up of plastic. It is a good thing if you are worried about rust, especially if you live in rainy areas. But if you live in a sunny locale and you place your unit under daily exposure to the sun, you can expect the plastic to eventually deteriorate and become brittle enough so that one little bump can break it or send it crumbling to pieces.


Simple, easy to install, hassle free, and super bright –that is what you are getting with this motion sensor light. It might be better off for indoor use though, or for outer areas with roofing and no direct exposure to elements.

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