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Solar powered by day and fully functional by night –that is the promise of Litom SOLAR LIGHTS OUTDOOR with motion sensitivity.

Features of the Litom SOLAR LIGHTS OUTDOOR:

  • With 3 LEDs on two sides for wide angle illumination
  • Super bright 24 LED solar lights
  • Wireless, solar power lights
  • 3 modes available to choose from
  • Motion detection up to 26 feet
  • 120-degree wide sensing range
  • Simple installation
  • For wall, driveway, patio, yard, or garden
  • Durable and waterproof


If you would notice, you may see that the Litom SOLAR LIGHTS OUTDOOR Motion Sensor Lights has three LEDs on both sides, which allows for a wider angle of illumination. This allows for wider coverage by putting out extra lighting sideways, thus making lighting as efficient as possible and fully maximized to your best advantage.

This means that a wider area is illuminated compared to other lights, which tend to focus on a certain area only and may not reach areas where it may still be needed, thus requiring you to affix more units.

Each unit’s twenty-four LED lights also mean that not only do you have a wider area of illumination, you also get a brighter and more powerful illumination – is a plus factor when considering security and safety. You will want to fully brighten a completely dark area where motion is detected so that everything is visible.

Even if you are not around to see, the sudden burst of super bright light will surely cause any intruder to panic and flee, thus keeping your house and your property safe all night long. Although the light does not provide any physical barrier to keep robbers out, it gives you the chance to deflect them by discouraging unwanted entry.

Without requiring any wiring, the Litom SOLAR LIGHTS OUTDOOR Motion Sensor Lights is therefore super easy to set up and install. You can even install it by yourself without any professional help by simply mounting the device, programming it, and activating it.

It is powered by solar energy, so you can save up on all the potential batteries that you may have otherwise needed with other units that may require you to change them every now and then. And being wireless, you can be assured of a no-fuss installation without the tangles, the mess, and the electrical technicalities that may have you end up consulting with an electrician and incurring additional expenses.

Since it is solar powered, you can be assured that you will not have to incur additional expense in your power bill upon installing your very own motion sensor light, thus saving you from even more costs.

There are three different modes for this unit to suit your needs depending on where you plan to place your light. The full-on mode keeps the light on for hours and is perfect for areas such as the front and back door, an external patio or deck, and other outdoor areas that require full-on lighting throughout the night.

The reduced light mode is best for secondary areas such as the yard, the balcony rails, and entrance paths. Finally, there is the motion detection mode, which is best to light up pathways, garages, driveways, and fences so that as you return home at night the light is automatically turned on, or if an intruder goes through your fence, the sensor trips the light.

The Litom SOLAR LIGHTS OUTDOOR Motion Sensor Lights is made up of sturdy and waterproof high impact ABS material, which makes it resistant to external elements so that you can feel safe and secure placing the unit outside your home and even without roofing or protection.

It is waterproof so that you can be assured that no matter the weather in your area, the unit will be able to cope and will not get damaged by rain or humidity. To ensure supreme product quality, it comes with a 45-day money back guarantee as well as an 18-month warranty.


Since it is a solar powered unit, it needs to be placed under direct exposure from the sun for the batteries to recharge. Its performance may also be affected by bad weather such as during dark storms, which may allow little to no sunlight to reach your unit. This could also be a problem for winter months where little sunlight could be experienced.

The illumination may not turn out to be that bright or to last that long during this type of season. Also, since its battery is built in, once you have fully consumed the full lifespan of it, you may need to get professional help to get it replaced.


If you live in a sunny area or somewhere where you get a good amount of light most times of the year, Litom SOLAR LIGHTS OUTDOOR would be just right for you. Without incurring additional charges for powering it, you get a great night security light that is effective and super easy to install.

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