How to Adjust Motion Sensor Light

How to Adjust Motion Sensor Light
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As much as we would like to simply install motion sensor lights outside our house and let them do their job, that usually isn’t the case at all. Many homeowners often find themselves dissatisfied with the original settings of their motion activated security lights which leads them to fiddle with the device before putting it back outside. Learning how to adjust motion sensor light properly can mean you only have to do it once.

Tips On How to Adjust Motion Sensor Light

Not knowing the proper ways to adjust the device may lead to damage or even the hassle of going up and down the ladder to keep on adjusting it. Here are some handy tips you can use during the first adjustment to avoid doing it all over again:

Tip 1: Choose The Right Coverage Area

All motion activated lights come with a specific angle and distance coverage. The first to do before installing the device is to determine the right area that will benefit the most from the light. Assigning it to the right place like a dark driveway or yard can make it more effective in warding off criminals lurking in dark corners.

Tip 2: Install At The Right Height

Installing the device too low will lead to a lot of false detection when small animals pass by, while installing it too high gives predators an extra advantage. In general, the best height is somewhere between 6 to 10 feet off the ground where full coverage is maximized. Anything too small will go undetected, but any movement the size of a small human will activate the lights and alert homeowners to a possible intruder.

Tip 3: Try Different Sensor Combinations

Many security lights are fitted with different sensors. Some can detect heat, motion, and infrared waves to lessen the chances of false alarms. Give these combinations different tries to see which settings work the best at detecting human movement. After all, you don’t want flood lights flashing for every leaf or branch it detects.

Tip 4: Test the Sensitivity

Before permanently installing the lights at the location you have chosen, take the time to test its detection sensitivity. When a device is too sensitive it gets triggered really easily, this can be annoying to the people around you. On the other hand, a device that isn’t sensitive enough may not have the capability of working at all. Test out the sensitivity settings by turning the device on and activating it by moving. This way, you can set the sensitivity to the perfect spot where it can detect humans, but not get triggered by a harmless rabbit.

Tip 5: Try the Different Modes

Usually, a security light will have more than one mode setting. Test out each setting at night to see which mode you are most comfortable with. If you are lucky, the lights might come with a remote control, making adjustment much easier. If not, climbing up a ladder a couple of times to adjust the settings is a small price to pay for added safety.

Tip 6: Follow Instructions

No matter how much experience you have under your belt with different kinds of motion sensor lights, every model and brand are different from one another. Always pay attention to the instructions included to ensure that you are doing the right steps. Many times homeowners find that the lights do not work because they failed to follow instructions.

Tip 7: Use Fresh Batteries

When using battery powered security lights it is important to pay attention to battery levels. Any devices tend to lose their ability to function properly when the battery power is low. This can affect the sensitivity settings, the brightness of the light, and other factors that make these lights useful. Never forget to do battery checks often, especially if it has been a while since you last changed the batteries of the lights.


Properly adjusting the different aspects of your security light can help lessen energy costs and also false alarms. Setting the sensitivity of the light to detect specific movements will make it more effective. If you are having trouble with false alarms because the lights flash at every car and every small animal that passes, it may be time to get on that ladder and learn how to adjust motion sensor light the correct way. Stay safe, always check your lights before going to bed!

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