Heath/Zenith Motion-Sensing Decorative Security Light Review

Heath/Zenith Motion-Sensing Decorative Security Light Review
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Keeping your home safe and secure is one of many homeowners’ top priorities. That is why it is important to install safety devices around your property to keep your belongings as well as your family safe from robbers, intruders, or other criminals.

One such device is a motion sensing security light that can detect any intruders or unwanted entities either lingering around or inside your property. One of the best example of that is Heath/Zenith Motion-Sensing Decorative Security Light. And here is why:

Features of the Heath/Zenith Motion-Sensing Decorative Security Light:

  • Motion-activated nighttime lighting
  • Detects movement up to 30 ft away
  • Oil-rubbed bronze metal finish
  • Weather resistant
  • Uses a 60-watt max incandescent bulb
  • Can be configured as carriage light, coach light, or lantern
  • Photocell disables lighting during daylight
  • 3 auto modes available
  • Energy star certified, 2-year warranty


The Heath/Zenith Motion-Sensing Decorative Security Light combines practicality, security, and design with its motion-activated lighting. Experience convenience as light automatically turns on upon motion detection and turns off automatically as well –perfect for security purposes to deter intruders in their tracks as well as for safety and convenience so that you would no longer have to feel for switches and your path is automatically lit as you pass by.

You can install it along corridors, walkways, garage paths, and pool sides to keep your home secure and for your safety and convenience as well.

The unit has a powerful range of detection that can go as far as 30 feet; paired with a good 150-degree range of detection, you can truly fully maximize it to fit your home, especially if you have a vast property to cover. You can place units along your fence and gates to detect movement or any breach.

You can safely place it outdoors as it is made with weather resistant materials. The oil rubbed metal can surely withstand the test of time and can take any wear. It is finished with seeded glass, which makes it resistant to water damage such as rust and gives it an effortless glossy finish.

Since it has a classic Shaker Cove Mission design and is ideal for outdoor use, you can even configure it to be used as a carriage light, a coach light, or even a classy looking lantern.

The Heath/Zenith Shaker Cove Mission-Style Motion-Sensing Decorative Security Light is not only your swanky-looking security light, it can also double as prop lighting, safety lighting, and automatic walkway lighting. You have a versatile device that can improve your quality of living with improved convenience.

For this unit, you may use a 60-watt medium base incandescent bulb which is a perfect match for the sensor unit. One good thing about it is that the sensor unit comes with a photocell, which is a light sensor that senses daylight or environmental brightness so that your light does not trip during the day and waste electricity, especially during high activity hours such as in the morning as the family prepares for work or school.

In addition to the photocell, the Heath/Zenith Motion-Sensing Decorative Security Light also comes with three auto modes that let you choose how long you want the light to be left on after the sensor has been tripped. You can choose between one, five, and ten minutes.

The automatic light tripping gives the illusion of a homeowner switching the light on to see what is going on in case of an intrusion. This will surely stop robbers in their tracks and cause them to think twice before proceeding.

Because of all this, the Heath/Zenith Motion-Sensing Decorative Security Light is energy star certified so you can be assured of its energy efficiency as well as its quality. It also comes with a two-year warranty which assures you of the manufacturer’s commitment to producing quality devices that will surely keep your home secured, safe, and convenient.


Oil rubbed metal may sound a tad fancy for many buyers, but if you take a quick glance at it, it is just basic black, so try not to get your expectations too far high up with the fancy color naming. Also, it is not immune to detecting animals if you place it in the outdoors.

If you live in an area with many animals outside such as birds, lizards, or squirrels, you can expect that the unit will be switching on and off multiple times throughout the night. This will tend to consume bulb hours and so you may have to change bulbs more often than you would have originally liked to.


With configurable construction, powerful range of detection, and certification of quality, this motion sensor light has all of the wonderful features that you could possibly ask for to keep your home safe and secure. On top of that, it comes with a presentable outer case that is waterproof so that you can confidently place it in your yard or on your front porch.

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