Can Motion Sensor Lights Be Set To Stay On

Can Motion Sensor Lights Be Set To Stay On
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Another name for motion sensor lights is “flood” lights. They are given this name because when they are activated they flood the area with a bright light that can catch a person off-guard. The shining bright light scares off would-be home invaders because they can no longer rely on the dark for cover. The sudden flashing of the light can also alert homeowners that the sensors have detected movement in the area which prepares them in case there is an intruder.

Can Motion Sensor Lights Be Set To Stay On All Night?

Most people know that motion activated lights sudden flare-up upon detection of movement, but a common question asked is: can motion sensor lights be set to stay on the entire night? There are more than a few homeowners who prefer to have some kind of protective light on the whole night as it signals to robbers and intruders that someone is home.

For those who haven’t started researching about motion activated lights, there are actually three very common modes. They are as follows:

Mode 1: Stays Off Until Movement Is Detected and Light Floods The Area

This is the most common floodlight setting because it is one that can wake someone up in the middle of the night. It is like a silent but effective alarm to alert homeowners that there is something or someone on their property in the middle of the night. It is highly effective, especially for those who want to be vigilant and prepared in case an intruder decides to enter the home.

The downside to this motion activated light mode is that it can pose as a nuisance to the homeowners and their neighbors, especially in an area where animals are known to wander during the night. The flashing of the bright light can wake up neighbors and when it happens frequently complaints might start piling up.

Mode 2: Stays Dim When Inactive and Bright When Movement Is Detected

This mode is another common option preferred by homeowners because it serves as a nice night light when no motion is detected. The moment the sensor detects changes in the area it will flare up to alert the homeowner of movement. A burst of light from an already dim light isn’t as bright as when the lights are off, but it is still very effective and increase visibility. It is more than enough to make a stranger back down and away from your house.

The second mode may not be as annoying as the first mode, but keeping a security light on the entire night consumes a lot of power. There may be instances where the battery dies in the middle of the night, rendering the device useless. Motion activated lights that run on electricity do not have this problem, but keeping a light on the entire night can increase electric bills significantly.

Mode 3: Dim Light The Entire Night

This last mode is more like a night light rather than a flood light because it gives off a steady dim light the entire night. It is best for people who come home at odd hours and do not want to trigger a flashing light when they enter the driveway. This mode is perhaps the most neighbor-friendly, but it doesn’t do much for security. A flashing light is still the best kind of warning for would be home invaders as it catches the attention of homeowners and makes them more alert. A constant dim light, on the other hand, does not set off an alarm.

The dim all night option also consumes a lot of power, which means lights need to be checked frequently to ensure they have enough battery to make it through the night. Battery changes are needed more when lights are on this mode, but a nice constant light is also reassuring for many homeowners and the effort is worth it.


Can motion sensor lights be set to stay on the entire night? Depending on the brand and model of the security light you purchase, but generally yes. Most motion activated lights offer more than just one mode to cater to the needs and preference of the homeowner. It takes a few simple adjustments – some even have a remote control to make adjusting easier – but a motion sensor light can stay on the dim setting the entire night. It is up to the homeowner to decide which setting works best for them and their neighbors.

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