Benefits of Motion Sensor Lights

Benefits of Motion Sensor Lights
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Any homeowner thinking about investing in home security will have some knowledge about motion sensor lights. These handy flood lights add a lot of security to home without being too much a hassle, but sadly not many people consider security lights until an intruder breaks into their homes. It is a traumatizing experience, and sometimes a breaking and entering can even result in a physical injury.

The Many Benefits of Motion Sensor Lights

Waiting until something bad happens in a place where you should feel safe and secure should never be the case. Be proactive in securing your home and making sure that you and everyone in the house do not fall victim to prowlers and attackers. A security light can make a huge difference. Here are the best benefits of motion sensor lights that every homeowner should know:

Benefit 1: Keeps Invaders and Strangers Far Away

Security alarms and guard dogs are great for warding off an intruder once they are inside your home, but sometimes that means it is already too late. They have already entered your space and are more likely to get violent to get what they want. A motion activated light can detect movement from as far away as 50 feet, which is more than enough space between the invader and your home.

The moment a flood light turns on, attackers flee because they are afraid of being seen. This keeps them away from your home and keeps you safe at night while you are asleep.

Benefit 2: Keeps Residents Alert

A bright light that shines in the middle of the night is more than enough to wake up the people living in the house. If there is someone suspicious trying to sneak inside the house the motion activated lights will alert residents of their presence. It gives people living in the house a good vantage point because they can see the potential invader as soon as the lights turn on.

Benefit 3: Alerts Neighbors

Flood lights are sometimes the cause of arguments between neighbors, but they are also great for alerting neighbors of suspicious activity. When they notice that the lights on your property are flashing they can immediately call you or the police to report any people who are lurking nearby. The lights make it easier to spot unfamiliar faces that have the potential to do harm to the people in your area.

Benefit 4: Lights Up Blind Spots

The moment you pull up to your dark driveway is crucial. There are many people who are attacked or abducted a few feet away from their doorstep because the driveway is dark. This is a common blind spot for unsavory characters to hide. A motion sensor light will make the short walk safer because everything is well-lit and there are no dark corners for attackers to hide.

Benefit 5: Causes Less Disturbance

There is no denying that false alarms are a hassle. An indoor security system that has alarms can be a major disturbance to people inside the house and neighbors who live nearby. A flood light, on the other hand, is not noisy, just bright. In the event of a false alarm it will automatically shut off and the peace of the night is restored quickly.

Benefit 6: The Affordable Option

One of the best benefits of motion sensor lights is how affordable these lights are. Most home security systems will cost more than a few hundred dollars because they are high-tech and a company needs to install them. A motion activated light, on the other hand, is very affordable. For the money you spend on an indoor alarm system, you can install more than a few lights outside.

Benefit 7: Easy To Install

The reason why flood lights are very affordable is that most are very easy to install. There is no need to hire a professional to install a wireless light as homeowners can do the task themselves in just a few minutes. This cuts down the hassle, the effort, and the price significantly.


Whether you plan to install motion sensor lights as an added security measure or as a standalone security light there is no denying that they are beneficial. These lights keep the invaders away while also keeping costs down. Investing in home security today is a must, and motion activated lights are the step in the right and safe direction for you and your loved ones.

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