AMIR Motion Sensor Light Review

AMIR Motion Sensor Light Review
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Looking for a light for your closet but not up to the effort of having to install wiring and paying for professional help? Why not try this battery-operated AMIR Motion Sensor Light? Just stick in on a clean surface and you’re good to go!

Features of the AMIR Motion Sensor Light:

  • Super bright LED bulbs
  • PIR motion and light sensor
  • Easy installation, stick anywhere, white
  • Cordless, battery operated
  • Automatic sensor for closet, stair, hallway, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen


A good and bright light is what is required at night to keep homes safe by deterring any intruders and discourage them from targeting your house. The AMIR Motion Sensor Light makes sure that your house is lit appropriately and kept from the dark with its twenty-lumen output, made possible with SMD 2835 LED lights –six of them to be specific.

The brightness from these powerful little LED bulbs ensures that you get great clarity and light quality so that everything you need to be visible will be, even in the dead of the night. You will no longer stumble across that darkened hallway or your yard, and the clarity will surely make criminals think twice about breaking into your home.

It operates with a passive infrared motion and light sensor, which detects movements within ten feet – just the right amount of distance to cover a dark pathway or along the lines of your porch or your fence. After fifteen seconds, the lights automatically shut off after no motion has been detected.

This mechanism makes sure that you get the right amount of light and the right duration of lighting, just enough for when you need it. This also means that your battery life is maximized by operating only when necessary and no more than that. Also, the light has an additional sensor so that it only operates in the dark.

Especially in the daytime, where lights will be practically useless, your unit won’t be switching on and off and wasting battery and bulb life. This ensures that you can enjoy your unit for as long as possible since it is self-conserving.

Since the AMIR Motion Sensor Light has no hard wiring, it’s super easy to install. It comes with 3M adhesive pads and a built-in magnet so that you can very easily stick anywhere you like. You definitely do not need professional help installing this unit as you can do it yourself.

All you need to do is to find the right spot or area that you like to cover with illumination at night or dark areas inside your house, peel off the adhesive pad covering, and then attach the unit to your identified surface area after cleaning it to make sure that the adhesive really sticks.

The built-in magnet is also a great addition to making sure that your unit does not easily fall off. If you have a metallic or counter-magnetic surface, you can simply use it, and then the adhesive tapes can simply serve as a supporting attachment to secure the unit to the surface.

You can power this unit with just three triple-A batteries that you can find anywhere in any hardware, department, or grocery stores. Being battery operated, you can bet that all of the areas in your home, especially those that have limited to no access to electricity such as closets or basements, will still be lit no matter what your circumstance.

This also means that you can still have adequate lighting even with power interruptions for as long as you make sure that you have extra batteries on hand and you install your units in darkened spaces. These spaces may include closets, stairways, bathrooms, cabinets, and many other spaces in your home that don’t get adequate lighting and need more light for you to be able to retrieve items or pass through.


If you install two of these units too close together, one of them may not work. That is because, by default, the AMIR Motion Sensor Light only works in darkness. If one of them still is able to sense the light from the other, then one of them will not work because of the other one’s illumination.

Also, the adhesive strips are not ideal for high temperatures and may melt if placed in hot areas such as those exposed to the sun during daytime and those close to heat-generating appliances such as vents, heaters, fireplaces, and other appliances that heat up.


If easy is what you want, you definitely have it with this unit. Not all motion sensing lights give you the convenience of such an easy installation –just stick it anywhere! And another plus is the fact that you can install it in areas with no electricity and no light at all since it is battery-operated.

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