20W Dual-Head Motion Activated LED Outdoor Security Light Review

20W Dual-Head Motion Activated LED Outdoor Security Light Review
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Keeping your home well lit is one of the vital steps to ensure that your property does not attract unwanted visitors who may enjoy sneaking in through the darkness. With this outdoor security light, 20W Dual-Head Motion Activated LED keep criminals at bay.

Features of the 20W Dual-Head Motion Activated LED Outdoor Security Light

  • High sensitivity
  • Adjustable design
  • High performance
  • DLC qualified
  • Lasting and durable
  • 3 available working modes


This 20W Dual-Head Motion Activated LED Outdoor Security Light is one of the most sensitive motion sensor lights on the market to date. It has a sensing angle of a hundred and eighty degrees with a powerful sensing range of up to seventy feet -that’s more than twice the range of most motion sensors these days.

If you have a large property to manage and want to get the best of your device when it comes to sensitivity, this one will do you just right. The light automatically trips on if any motion is detected and then automatically switches off after a set amount of time after the last movement has been sensed.

You can preset the timer for the light depending on the amount of time you want it switched on. You may lower the time to save on energy costs or lengthen it if you want to use the light for practical uses such as a guide light for when pulling into your garage or when walking along your yard walkway.

Even if it already has a vast angle of view, it further allows you to maximize it through its adjustable design, letting you rotate the light head, the lens hood, and even the motion sensor. The detection range itself is adjustable for when you want to avoid nuisance trips and false alarms or if you have a smaller area for the sensor to cover. You can even customize the kind of light depending on your needs and preferences.

The two ultra-bright LED light heads on the 20W Dual-Head Motion Activated LED Outdoor Security Light produce a max of 1600 lumens of high-brightness clear and white light. This can effectively light up a good amount of coverage and is ideal for outdoor lighting.

This super bright light is a good safety feature for your home as it can make your yard as clear as day and is a great deterrent for burglars or intruders. If for personal use, this bright and clear light allows you to see where you are going when you are walking outside in your yard at night.

Because this unit is DLC qualified, you can be assured that it is efficient in consuming energy and is even eligible to participate in nation-wide rebate programs, a good investment if you are looking into business with it.

The 20 watt LED lights, which have replaced the more classic halogen bulbs, reduce power consumption by nearly ninety percent while upgrading the performance brightness and the light lifespan.

You can be assured that no matter how many times the light trips in the middle of the night, your power bill won’t bubble up and you won’t find yourself changing light bulbs every now and then, so you will be saving on light bulb costs as well.

The 20W Dual-Head Motion Activated LED Outdoor Security Light has a total average lifespan of fifty thousand hours. It is also low maintenance so you can enjoy comfort, safety, and convenience for a prolonged period of time. To ensure product quality, it comes with a five-year warranty and satisfaction guaranteed. You can enjoy outdoor security light for years to come with no fuss at all.

It has three available working modes to choose from. The test mode, which works day and night, switches the light on upon motion detection and then switches it back off after two to eight seconds of no movement. The auto mode switches the light off between 10 seconds to five minutes from the last detected movement.

Finally, the manual override mode allows you to keep the light on for eight hours straight for when you need constant lighting in the evening. After the manual override mode, the unit automatically switches to auto mode.


Since it is a sensor, it will understandably not be immune to nuisance trips. If you live in an area with high automobile traffic or a lot of outdoor animals, then you can expect your light to go on and off multiple times a night and be more of a nuisance that affects accuracy.


The manual override mode is a great advantage that this security light possesses. If you want your yard illuminated throughout the night, you automatically have a sentry light on, which you no longer have to switch back off come daytime. This is a great light to consider for homes that need constant lighting.

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